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Suburban Lots Inc Suburban Estates Holopaw Florida

Florida Recreational Land


Suburban Estates Holopaw Florida Recreational Land

 We are local and we will meet you at the gate or at the courthouse to record the deed.

Suburban Estates is used for camping , hunting , and 4 x 4 wheeling , ATVing and target shooting.



4313-2 with key and recorded special warranty deed $ Sold


A Landowner Club controls the gate keys,
The Landowner Club Voted ONE Key per Landowner no matter how many lots you own.

The Landowner Club does not sell lots.
Buy your lot from Suburban Lots Inc.

Special Price for the SE4313-2 .31 acre Lot $ SOLD, with one Key!

This special is only for people who do not require a special tour showing of Suburban Estates.


You will get a Special Warranty Deed

You must email or text us your name, address, phone #, and email address to get a contract!

You Will Get A Special Warranty Deed and Gate Key with your purchase.

We are local in the area!  We travel to get the sale done.

For Sale wet lot .31 acre
For Sale Lot 4313-2

Lot Price with key, deed and recording fee $ SOLD! total, no hidden fees!


This .31 acre lot can have One name listed as an owner.

This .31 acre lot can get only ONE Gate key.

For Sale lot .31 acre

For Sale lot .31 acre







Land comes with a written 30 day Money Back Guarantee



Anyone need Recreational Fun Land to ATV ride or 4x4 on over 10,000 acres?

Trails , mud pits , streams and much more!


An ownership in a lot gets you a deed to get access to a key to the gate to get in to use 10,000 acres of recreational land.

This Lot gives you a nice private place to feed and hunt hog or just use it to be able to get a key on a wet lot.


For Sale a wet .31 Acre Lot

Holopaw Florida 34773

 Osceola County Florida Located between St. Cloud and Melbourne FL

Suburban Estates is used for camping , hunting , and 4 x 4 wheeling , ATVing and target shooting.

Anyone need Recreational Fun Land to ATV ride or 4x4 on over 10,000 acres?

Trails , mud pits , streams and much more!



The terrain consists of sandy soil, Cypress, palmettos, pine and scrub oaks.


Suburban Estates is about 10,000 acres of Vacant land with a Locked Gate entrance off Holopaw Groves Road.

Keys are issued to PROPERTY OWNERS ONLY.

One key per Owner.

Key cost is $40 which is for mailing, sales tax, gate and lock maintenance.

You get the key from Suburban Estates Landowner Club unless a key is issued to a lot already.

*****You Get The Key Free With The Purchase Of One Of Our Lots*****


An owner can have anyone they want out there. 

However, you must be with an owner or otherwise you can be prosecuted for trespassing.

Take Holopaw Rd (441) to Holopaw Groves Rd to Gate Entrance 


The terrain consists of Cypress trees, Swampy sandy soil, palmettos, pine and scrub oaks.



Recreational uses , you pick the lot you want.


I will email you a contract, all I need is name and address for ownership.

Total cost is the price as listed here, I do not add extra fees.



The Area borders the town of Harmony that has sprung up a few miles to the north. 


 The land is used to have fun and hunt. 

Hunters and recreational use user need to co-exist.

On the weekends people are out there.

During the week not many people are out there.


Don't you just want to start having fun now?!



Parking lot and Keyed Gate for Landowners in Holopaw FL

Suburban Lots Inc Holopaw Florida 



Suburban Estates located east of the Florida Turnpike 



We will email you a contract to sign stating seller will sell and buyer will buy.


Upon receipt of full payment I will complete the paperwork and walk in the Warranty Deed to the County to be recorded, upon cleared funds.



For Sale .31 acre Lot 

Price for the .31 acre Lot $ SOLD



This property is listed for sale in other places and offers are being taken. 

If you are interested in any of them or require further assistance, contact us and we will be more than happy to discuss the land with you.


For More Info:  email:


Contact us and we will get a contract ready for you to buy.


Call or Text Christine 321-202-8682


Suburban Lots Inc. owns land in Suburban Estates

Properties are for sale by owner. 

We are not a real estate agent.

This does not constitute an offer where prohibited by law.

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